Video Gallery

It's best to ignore the text at the end of the 'Moon and Shadows' videos as much has changed since they were made - such is the price of progress!  

'Creeping Buttercup' from 'The Flowers Suite'

'Sweet William' from 'The Flowers Suite'

'Moon on the Moat' from 'Moon and Shadows'

'Winter River' from 'Moon and Shadows'

'Suburban Dawn' from 'Moon and Shadows'

'In the Shadows of Roasting Spring' from 'Moon and Shadows' 

Music Installation at the Art Sanctuary International Exhibition 2016 - 'Snowflakes' from 'Moon and Shadows'

Video Credits

Terry Burkhardt  -  Moon on the Moat, Winter River, Suburban Dawn.  

Joel Hills - In the Shadows of Roasting Spring.  Photography by Barbara Hills. 

Tone Aanderaa - Glimpses from Art Sanctuary's Enchanted Garden 2016.

Barbara Hills -  Sweet William, Creeping Buttercup, Brandon Man.