The Well


'The Well', a prequel to the series (as yet nameless) that began with 'The Sun and the Starlings', has won a host of OCA Creator Classic 24 Awards. These were as follows: 

Best Audiobook - Winner

Best Narrated Book - Winner

Best Fiction Book of Spring 2024 - 2nd place

Best Fantasy Book of Spring 2024 - 2nd. place

Best Fairytale Book of Spring 2024 - 2nd. place

There were also honourable mentions for Best Character, Best Villain, Most Beautiful Character and Best Couple.

Some of the things reviewers have said:

'A cleverly-plotted story of greed, packed full of suspense.'

'A hypnotic, charming, and enchanting fantasy novel and audiobook.'

'A PHENOMINAL series of fantasy and fairy tale books!' 


'The Well' is suitable for anyone older than twelve.  The premise uses the well-known fairytale trope of the wishing well. What would you wish for if you had one wish that really could be granted - anything in the world or beyond it?   Health?  Wealth?  Knowledge?  Immortality? Power?  This is the story of a wishing well with the ability to give people just that - their deepest desires. Whoever controls the well can control the fate of nations - or can they?  In this story of  deception, greed, rivalry and fear, the stakes could not be higher. It is available as an illustrated E-book and as an audiobook narrated by yours truly which also contains sound effects and excerpts of music from the music album called 'The Well'.

The E-book is available from these and many other stores: 

Apple Books

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The Audiobookis available these stores and many more:






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