The Sun and the Starlings

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I wrote The Sun and the Starlings audiobook for children of eight years upwards.  It includes sound effects, incidental music and full length pieces especially composed for it.  The whole is arranged into nineteen chapters of twenty minutes length each which makes it especially suitable for bedtime listening.  I had lots of practise at storytelling during my teaching years and it's something I am loathe to give up!  You can find the audiobook in many online stores including:


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The Sun and the Starlings E-book contains fifteen colour illustrations and maps to accompany the story.  Find it in e-book stores by clicking here:  Universal Book Link

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The Story

When the Queen (known as Queenie - she can't bear starchiness) and her court jester. Chucklegorgon, are threatened by a famine, everything starts to go wrong. 

Hunted by horrors and unnerved by shape-shifting deceptions, the friends must face their own fears and find a way through shadows from the past.  But they are so small and the darkness seems too big for them.  How can they save the Kingdom?

'The Sun and the Starlings' is a fantasy mystery adventure for children of eight years upwards.    It contains full colour illustrations of the characters.  If you like 'The Chronicles of Narnia', you will love this world where loyalty and friendship are tested to the limit in a desperate battle against a hidden enemy.

You can find out more by following my FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE.  I would love to see you over there.