Barbara Hills' Songs

Most of my music is instrumental but occasionally you will find a song. I write songs under two names - my own name and the pen-name of Barbara Delarbre.  Here I will talk about the songs under my own name. I don't often release songs (not really counting myself a singer), but the truth is that I have written two children's operas plus animation screenplays for them (these inspired many years ago by 'The Snowman'). The first of these went some way towards getting made until the financial crash of 2008 put an end to that. They remain on a shelf, awaiting their time. Other songs included here can be downloaded at Bandcamp .

BRANDON MAN is a very nostalgic song, written when I moved house from England to Wales.  The video contains photos of me as a child and the place I left behind.   

CHRISTMAS STORY is a Christmas carol I released in November 2023. 

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