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A few words about..The Flowers Suite...

My album, 'The Flowers Suite,'  was nominated for the 'Best Neo-Classical Album' award at The House of Blues in New Orleans in May (2019)  It was also the sound intallation in The Enchanted Garden International Exhibition at The Art Sanctuary in Belgium in the summer of 2019.

The CD album is a beautiful little hardback book containing photographs of some of my flower paintings and photographs of flowers that are relevant to the music.  It has 12 tracks, one of which (Hedgerow Walk) is sixteen minutes long and has five movements.  Composed after a house move, the album describes the transition, with memories of things gone and experiences of the new.  Each track takes a flower as its starting point.  It's an album of sound paintings that is best listened to by imaginatively entering the world the music is describing.  

You can listen, buy and find out more at  Bandcamp

There are three little CD books shown here.

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Here is the disc beside its pocket.

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Dick Metcalf  (Rotcod Zzaj) at Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Beautiful contemporary sound paintings Barbara Hills – THE FLOWERS SUITE:  

'..she weaves together marvelous sonic images that will touch your inner spirit and help bring you the peace of the ages… just watch her Sweet William video to get the full impact..

and, since you’re there already, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Barbara’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find many more tunes from this album, as well as others she has created.

'As you listen to “Through Iris Halls” (with your headphones on, of course), I’m quite sure you will be able to hear the tiny insect traveling through a blue roof into an endless sky of wonder…this 4:23 composition is one of the most peaceful sonic realizations I have listened to yet (in 2018)..the pacing is perfect, and the imagery is dazzling...

'..The vocals on “The First Snowdrop” are haunting, and make Barbara’s work ever more enchanting to listeners who love being wrapped in the sounds of nature… again, the visual element is a part of the realization, especially if you listen in isolation.  There is a completely different vibe going on with the upbeat “Creeping Buttercup”, as you’ll certainly see as you listen to and watch Barbara’s video for this one……I just LOVED the rhythm on this tune… it’s both catchy and timely through and through!..'

'..The CD is a “limited edition” (only 300), so you’ll want to get yours NOW… and, that’s especially true for compositions like my personal favorite of the dozen offered up, the 16:00 “Hedgerow Walk“… Barbara says (in her liner notes) that there’s no English word that equates to what the song means, but that a Welsh word does, Hiraeth, which means "being bound up with the land, the memory, the departed joys and the longings for a place or time that has gone and will never return - or, perhaps, never really was" 

'.. this creation certainly merits the strongest consideration for an award… if I were on the voting panel, it would (without question) get my vote!...

'..MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ..for this excellent and diverse musical experience.'  

Read the whole review at: http://contemporaryfusionreviews.com/beautiful-contemporary-sound-paintings-barbara-hills-the-flowers-suite/ 


Keith (MuzicMan) Hannaleck at New Age Music Reviews

     '...The Flowers Suite is a triumph of sound and art for Barbara Hills...

     '...  It is an omnibus of sounds and colors conjoining to make a beautiful painting...

     ' ...What I appreciated the most about The Flowers Suite was how eclectic it was. All twelve
     tracks have their own personality, a different painting if you will from the multi-talented
     artist. The most moving songs for me were “Sweet William,” which captured my imagination
     and stirred my spirit, then “Hedgerow Walk” which really got my attention. The “Hedgerow
     Walk” is an entertaining 16 minutes of progressive ambient instrumental music. Granted
     16 minutes is a long run for any track however, if it is done properly, it can mesmerize
     the listener. In the case of this particular musical stretching of thoughts and forms, it
     most certainly sounded like music being painted into your consciousness.  I think the
     end result is quite amazing. It is a great example of an artist using all of the talents and                     
     instrumentations at her disposal to create something special and memorable for the    
       instrumental music fan... 

     '....this recording could serve as soundtrack music for the film industry or for an individual      
     soundtrack or painting in the mind's eye. I highly recommend giving this album a thorough      
     listen as there is so much just waiting for you to discover!'
     Read the whole review at:         

K athy Parsons at Mainly Piano where The Flowers Suite is 'Kathy's Pick.'

The Flowers Suite is impossible to categorise - always a good thing, I think! 

''Creeping Buttercup' is pure joy with a strong, driving beat and swirling, danceable rhythms propelling the playful melody - electronic sunshine...'

''Canyons of the Black Tulip' begins with the sound of thunder followed by dark and mysterious ambient sounds.  Near the middle of the piece, the tempo and rhythms pick up with cinematic, almost heroic music - a dramatic ending to an excellent album! ' 

Read the whole review at: