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Above:  At the Joy Theatre in New Orleans (2016).  Right:  Playing the Celtic Harp in my music studio.

I was born in Meriden, the heart of England, and grew up on the edge of Coventry. Welsh genes from my mother and some Irish ones from my father, conspired to give me a love of music and story-telling that would not be denied!

 As a child, I badgered my parents for a piano! They finally gave in and let me study classical piano and music theory. Then I discovered guitars (and a great many other instruments besides). 

My professional life has been very diverse. I could never choose between music, painting and writing so have done it all!  
Despite receiving classical training on the piano, I was stymied at school with lack of musical opportunity. As a result, I turned to Fine Art but after a year at Art College, decided the art world as it was then was not for me.  I ended up with a BEd. honours degree in Fine Art and Education and then taught virtually everything bar woodwork!  I became a Head of Music in my second year and taught both children and adults and have spent a lot of time working with Warwickshire County Music Service. Alongside teaching and bringing up a family, I worked as a freelance illustrator and ghostwriter but took every opportunity to sneak off and work on my music projects too!   

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This is the part where I have to blow my own trumpet, which I hope you will forgive. I studied Music Production Software at Coventry Technical College and Sound Engineering at Glasshouse Studios, which enabled me to set up my own music studio.  As a result, I produced  two albums which received three ZMR award nominations - Best New Artist, Best Neo-classical Album and Best Electronic Album. I then went on to produce more albums and audio books too.

My first musical animation screenplay with libretto and score, character sketches and storyboard examples won the 2008 Hi8tus 'Boost' Initiative, aimed at discovering and fast-tracking new creative talent in the West Midlands.  In August 2022, my first book project containing audiobook, e-book, illustrations and music, won in three Outstanding Creator Award categories: Audiobooks, Fantasy and World-building. The book also came third in the Overall category of Best Fiction Book of Summer 2022. In April 2024, 'The Well' (a prequel to The Sun and the Starlings') won the 'Best Audiobook' and 'Best Narrated Book' awards from the OCA as well as  

Now I live and work in Wales UK, taking much of my inspiration from the wonderful countryside around me.  I'm working hard to bring to fruition all of my ongoing projects!