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I was born in Meriden, the heart of England, and grew up in and around Coventry.   Welsh genes from my mother and some Irish ones from my father, conspired to give me a love of music that would not be denied!

 As a child, I badgered my parents to allow me to study classical piano and music theory to Grade Eight, then added guitars (and a smattering of a great many other instruments) to my musical experience throughout teenage years and beyond.

My professional life has been very diverse.  I could never choose between music, painting and writing so have done it all!  Having been stymied at school with lack of musical opportunity, I started out in the Fine Arts with a BEd. degree in Fine Art and Education.  Alongside teaching and bringing up a family, I worked as a freelance illustrator and writer but always continued with my music projects!   

To fund courses in the use of Music Production Software at Coventry Technical College and Sound Engineering at Glasshouse Studios, I spent a lot of time teaching music to children and adults with Coventry Education Authority and the Warwickshire County Music Service.  

My first musical animation screenplay with libretto and score, character sketches and storyboard examples won the 2008 'Boost' Initiative, aimed at discovering and fast-tracking new creative talent in the West Midlands.

Now I live and work in Wales UK, taking much of my inspiration from the wonderful countryside around me.  I'm working hard to bring to fruition all my ongoing projects!