The Flowers Suite

The Flowers Suite was released in Bandcamp on 25th June, 2018.  Its worldwide digital release was on August 1st of the same year.  Each of the twelve tracks takes a flower as its starting point.   'Love-In-A-Mist', previewed here, is the first track on the album. Find CDs and downloads here:  Bandcamp

Sweet William

Sweet William was released as a single in April 2018.  It was a pre-cursor of the release of the album 'The Flowers Suite' on which it also appears. 


Moon and Shadows ~ Double album

MOON AND SHADOWS has twenty-four tracks, each describing a journey through a landscape, seascape or spacescape. Clock here to find CDs and downloads:


Music from 'The Sun and the Starlings'

Seven pieces of instrumental music especially written for the audiobook, 'The Sun and the Starlings'.  This is a digital release only.  Find downloads here: Bandcamp


This is Barbara Delarbre's debut vocal indie pop album full of her observations, confessions and humour. This is a digital release only.  Find downloads here:


Delarbre Days

A six track EP with more comments on life from Barbara Delarbre. This is a digital release only.  Click here for downloads: