Barbara Delarbre

GENRE:  21st Century Indiepop and Folktronic with a twist of quirk – my own out-of-the-box niche somewhere between Graham Gouldman, Damon Albarn and Beryl the Peril.  Barbara Delarbre is a cartoon character.   Dressed in a white trench coat,  she battles her way through life, using her pink umbrella to keep herself from the woes of the world.  Barbara Delarbre's debut album, UNCLASSIFIED, contains twelve tracks of her very particular take on life.  Her EP 'DELARBRE DAYS'  (released 08/08/2016) has six more. 

Comic on one level, these songs usually have a serious underbelly.  After years of hiding them away in a box their number grew.  They clamoured to be freed so I decided to trial some of them out in the wide world where they have met with a very positive response.  Barbara Delarbre was a regular on Chris Duval's Splash Radio for several years and she has been played as far afield as Kled Live fm in Hollywood, CA (Good old Uncle Earle!).  You can listen to her songs on the widget opposite. You can listen to all of her songs in full (with lyrics) at Bandcamp 

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